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Blue Band Left-Facing - 970w
Digital Monster Logo PNG 2x

Device Features

Vital Hero Image
  • Color LED screen
  • Motion sensor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer
  • USB charger
  • Watch time function

Your Activity

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You can get trophies that are needed to evolve Digital Monsters after missions are completed
  • Complete missions
  • Train anywhere
  • Exercise and earn trophies

Multiple Ways to Battle

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  • Mission battles
  • PVP battles
  • NFC battles
  • App battles

Battle App Coming Fall 2022

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  • Online battles
  • Player vs player
  • Worldwide ranking battles
  • Strategic online tag battle
Store Your Digimon. Download from your App Store.
Store Your Digimon. Download from your App Store.

NFC Reader Ability

Vital Hero Image
Vital Hero Image
  • Tap your bracelet at any NFC reader to prompt battle
Not available at all NFCs

How-To Video

Available Now

Where to buy

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